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Audition Notice

Sandy Actors Theatre is holding auditions for

How The Other Half Loves
          by Alan Ayckbourn
          Directed by Anita Sorel

When: Saturday, July 29 at 12:00; Callbacks, Sunday, July 30 at 12:00
Where: Sandy Actors Theatre, Meinig Rd. etc.

A clever, hilariously crafted comedy centering on the relationships, affairs, and class attitudes of three couples whose lives become ridiculously intertwined in a comic frenzy.
Sides will be provided. You can also find them on:, as of July 10th.
British accents will be used. These are non-paying positions.

Show runs September 8 thru October 1

Roles for 3 men, and 3 women

FIONA FOSTER: upper middle class, late 40’s/early 50’s.. Having an affair with Bob Phillips
FRANK FOSTER: upper middle class. Slightly older than Fiona. Owns his own company which employs both
Bob Phillips and William Detweiler
TERESA PHILLIPS: middle class housewife. 30 to 40 trying to keep her marriage, home and her life
together. Looking for some purpose in her life A bit frowsy.
BOB PHILLIPS: middle class working stiff, 30 to 40, married to Teresa but having an affair with Fiona, his
boss’s wife. Frustrated in his marriage and his home life
WILLIAM DETWEILER: middle class. Early 30’s. works for Frank Foster in accounting. Something of a control freak when it comes to Mary. Sucks up to Frank. A bit nerdy but overcompensates for it.
MARY DETWEILER: middle class. Mid 30’s. married to William
Inhibited. Controlled by William. Shy. Insecure


Audition Submission
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